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Lucerne, Switzerland

Mini Guide

Lucerne, Switzerland is one of those European cities that’s just easy to be in. You can explore the city streets, visit the famous Chapel Bridge, wander through churches and museums, sip Swiss wine lakeside, take leisurely boat rides and wake up to incredible sunrises each morning. Here’s a downloadable mini guide of Next Destination’s top Lucerne moments.


The Jesuit Church

The Jesuit Church, Jesuitenkirche, Bahnhofstrasse 11A, 6003 Lucerne, Switzerland
The first large baroque church built in the Swiss Alps, this church is a stunner for the architecture outside and inside.


Old Town Lucerne. The city’s historic core is worth wandering through for a day or an afternoon. Book a walking tour, and take in all the gorgeous facades and outdoor murals in the old town’s squares.


Swiss Museum of Transport, Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Lucerne, Switzerland
If there’s one thing the Swiss do really, really well, it’s transportation. This museum in a stoic, modern building shows off their amazing history with getting people from palace to place.


The Swiss Trains and Trams
Speaking of transport, the Swiss train and tram system (SBB) is easy, efficient and gets you pretty much anywhere in the city. Buy a Swiss Travel Pass so you can hop on and off throughout your stay.

Day Trip

Boat ride to Mount Pilatus. Book a boat with Lake Lucerne Navigation Company and head to Mount Pilatus. The boat ride itself shows off Lake Lucerne (and will take about an hour), before you arrive at the bottom of Mount Pilatus–a popular spot for locals to visit for the views and lunch at the mountain hotel.

— Day Trip

Visit Mount Titlis

Take the train from the main Lucerne station (Banhof Luzern) to Engelberg (approximately 45 minutes) before venturing up the gondolas to Mount Titlis for impressive views. Stay overnight, if you dare, at the Aurora Hut on the edge of the peak.


— Eat

Go-to Spots

Mill’Feuille, Mühlenpl. 6, 6004 Lucerne, Switzerland
The spot to go for a hearty Swiss breakfast to fuel your day of exploring.

Scala, Adligenswilerstrasse 22, 6006 Lucerne, Switzerland
Up the fancy by dining at Scala inside Hotel Montana. This spot is a GaultMillau gourmet spot and combines Swiss, French, German and Italian cuisine.

Max Chocolatier, Hertensteinstrasse 7, 6004 Lucerne, Switzerland
If you’re in Switzerland, you must eat chocolate. That’s a rule. And this spot will leave you feeling decadent and satisfied.

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