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Detroit, Michigan

Episode 006

Next Destination: Detroit travel guide

Don’t sleep on Detroit! This iconic American city is ready for its full comeback–with the food, arts, cocktail scenes, plus a thriving, never-quit community, to back it up. 

Detroit is a place that wears its heart on its sleeve, and you can feel it the moment you set foot in this iconic American city. It’s a city that shows off every achievement, accomplishment and every crack and scar, there’s no hiding its past, no limit to its potential. And over the past few years, Detroit has been building up an incredible comeback–something the locals always knew was going to happen, but also something that can make it a destination full of surprises for a visitor. 

The past few years have seen a resurgence in Detroit. Local companies like Shinola have dug their roots in deeper with Detroit-made products. Old buildings that once housed bustling auto industry and commercial businesses have long been empty on the inside, but the outside has been a draw for street artists to create, and for visitors to admire their work. The food scene has become a main draw for travellers looking to tempt their taste buds, try new flavours and sip on craft beer. And the music of Detroit has been a continuous heartbeat for the city through good and tough times, with Motown, electric music and jazz bars throughout the downtown core.

In this episode of Next Destination, we dig deep into the communities for our Detroit travel guide. Through food, drinks, arts, history and culture, we explore Detroit’s best to make for an amazing weekend visit to the Motor City. Watch and the get all the details on out Detroit travel guide below.

Detroit travel guide: Street art around every corner.

First up, where to stay in Detroit…

There’s no shortage of cool, hip and unique hotels in the city to add to this Detroit travel guide. Old factory buildings, fire stations and warehouses have been converted into one-of-a-kind boutique hotel options. The one that caught our eye was The Siren Hotel–a boutique stay that has distinctly unique rooms, a hip cafe in the cozy lobby, spectacular city views and one of the city’s best and most intriguing speakeasy cocktails spots, the Candy Bar. A stay here will also place you perfectly for any adventuring and exploring you’re set to do with a great downtown location.

Visit Rebel Nell…

Dive straight into the heart of Detroit–it’s community network that is what has always kept the city afloat. Rebel Nell is such a great example of this, thanks to owner Amy Peterson, who started the artistic collective to help women going through the shelter system find a new purpose and place in their lives as they start fresh. All the women who work at Rebel Nell have their own stories that they turn into creative, unique jewelry pieces made from fallen graffiti paint from around the city.

Detroit travel guide: The Detroit Institute of Arts is a must visit for any art lover.

— Swing

by the Detroit Institute of Arts (the DIA)…

One of America’s best art museums can be found in the Detroit Institute of Art. It’s a staple in the city, and a great gathering spot for art lovers. A few of its claims to fame: It’s home to America’s very first Van Gough piece, purchased for a mere $800 back in the day. It’s also home to an impressive Diego Rivera mural that depicts the history of Detroit’s manufacturing background. Get ready to spend a solid afternoon here, as you wander through the murals, the extensive Black History collection and enjoy a coffee at the atrium-like cafe before heading out.

Walk the river…

The riverwalk in Detroit should be on your must-dos… it’s been revitalized over the past 20 years through the Riverfront Conservancy with a beautiful pathway, street art, fun areas to stop and take in the sunny days, cafes, a carousel and so much more.

Take in the skyline views…

Get a, truly, bird’s eye view of the city from the 71st floor of the Renaissance Center and the Highlands Detroit restaurant and bar. The sunsets here are some of the best you’ll find, so grab a cocktail from the bar, and find a cozy seat on the plush chairs to look out the windows as the sun sets on the river.

Sip a cocktail or two, or three

The cocktail scene in Detroit is spilling over, to say the least. Speakeasies, neighbourhood bars and cocktail-forward restaurants make up Detroit’s nightlife, where hopping from one place to the next in search of inventive and bespoke cocktails is a must-do. Swing by Keisling’s in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood for a local-haunt vibe, but with funky cocktails developed by the bartenders. For a mix of cocktails along with music, the classic Cliff Bell’s has a 1930s interior paired with amazing live jazz music. And for an all-out glitz and speakeasy night, pull back the pink velvet curtain at the Siren Hotel to get into the Candy Bar, a tiny room decked out with a giant disco ball and chandelier.

Detroit travel guide: The Candy Bar at the Siren Hotel has speakeasy vibes behind a pink velvet curtain.

Go hungry, very hungry

The biggest scene in Detroit has to be everything to do with food. This is a city that prides itself on creative and diverse food. Dig into Burundi food at Baobab Fare for an East African lunch. Go casual at Saffron De Twah’s charming patio for some of the best Moroccan comfort food and arguably the best chicken sandwich in the city. Try Algerian pastries from award-winning pastry chef Warda at her namesake cafe. And take in the bounty of food stalls, produce, restaurants and coffee shops at the Eastern Market.   

Detroit travel guide: Visit Warda's for a sweet breakfast fix.

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